Not your ordinary food trading company!

Worlds Best Food is a food trading company with over 15 years of experience in the international food market. We have worked within industry, retail and foodservice all over the world and we understand the specific needs that every product deserves its own approach depending on possible partner and country.

What we do

We offer a big variety of services such as:

  • food sourcing: You are in need of a specific product or supplier? We can arrange it!
  • Market introduction: You have a new or existing product that you want to sell in a new country or area? We can help you with the introduction or finding the correct partner.
  • Direct sales: You need a salesman for a short period? We can assist on fairs or go into the field for several weeks to sell your products.
  • Consulting: Any question on Export? Need a management plan? Want a strategic vision? Or just any help in boosting your international sales? Call us now!

And much, much more!

Some of the great partners we are now working with are:

Besides these partners we also work with several other renowned international partners, just ask us what you need, and we will arrange it.